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Chapter 4 Solution

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To become patient, you must develop positive thinking habits. When you are frustrated, you seldom think clearly which can result in irrational thoughts or rash behavior. When you practice patience, you learn to slow down, take a deep breath and put some order to your problems. Then you can begin to put things in perspective and work on the issues that you are capable of fixing. There is a prayer that I memorized along time ago and it is called the Serenity Prayer.slowdownthinkbeforeyouspeak It says, “Grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can and the wisdom to know the difference.” This is how you learn to stay faithful and focused while conquering each problem one by one until you reach your goals.

Most of your successful role models have endured difficulties before achieving their goals. Exercising patience and positive thinking aided them through the rough spots in their journey. It is natural to want to focus on the glitz and glamour of your role models’ success than the hard work and determination that it took to get them to the finish line. But remember, nothing worth having will come easy and you must put forth the work and effort in order to get the results that you are searching for. You are only fooling yourself if you believe that you can take a shortcut to get there. Yes, there are some exceptions but it certainly is not the rule. You will have to practice patience, be flexible and put some thought into your actions when obstacles come your way. To assist you with your journey, you may have to refer to the “traffic light theory” in order to feel more confident in your decision-making process.TrafficLight

We are all familiar with the traffic light. Driving down any major road, there are lights that direct cars through a system of colors that control the flow of traffic to keep cars from running into each other or pedestrians that cross the street. The traffic lights are there to take us from one destination to another safely and keep us out of danger or trouble.

When traveling in life, you are certain to face obstacles along the way. The first color that you should think of is yellow, which signals that you should “slow down” and analyze the situation. The next color is red, which means that you should “stop” and think it through a little further. Once you have made the best decision, you should think of the color green, which means you should “go” and continue to proceed towards your goals.

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