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ANXIETY Unpleasant complex combination of emotions that includes fear, apprehension and worry, and is often accompanied by physical sensations such as palpitations, nausea, chest pain and/or shortness of breath Anxiety…

Chapter 12 Death

Chapter 11 HIV Prevention

Chapter 10 Self Determination

Chapter 9 Self Love

Chapter 8 The Finer Things

Chapter 7 Stronger

Chapter 6 The Company You Keep

Chapter 5 Heartbreak

Chapter 4 Be Patient

Chapter 3 What If

Chapter 2 State Of Emergency

The Working Process

Grade Point Average Increase

2.0 <2.3 GPA

Decrease In Disciplinary Referals

41 % Decrease in Disciplinary Referrals

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Why Bridge Da Gap?

The program goals of Bridge DA Gap work toward fostering students’ social-emotional growth and development. curriculum:


CONNECTS … with students by using music to instill character building traits and multi-media tools that engage and motivate


EQUIPS … youth with foundational skills to address social-emotional issues encountered daily that interfere with their ability to excel academically


INSPIRES … through real-life relevant stories youth can relate to since they mirror their own lives


MOTIVATES… youth to stay in school — GRADUATE — and strive to be SUCCESSFUL and SIGNIFICANT

  • What Is Bridge Da Gap

    Bridge DA Gap is a 501c3 non-profit organization that utilizes music to
    enhance the social-emotional development of youth in the areas of
    character building principles, life skills and self-regulation.
    Bridge DA Gap infuses Hip Hop music with the latest advances
    in technology to present youth in grades 6 through 12 with a
    comprehensive social-emotional development curriculum..

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    The mission of Bridge DA Gap is to pass on a rich legacy to all
    youth through the development, understanding and application
    of core values and current life skills required to achieve both
    personal and professional goals.

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